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Our Clients Testimonials

More reviews posted soon… We do this so you can get to know us better and understand why people rave about us. ¬†We are tucked away, a hidden gem at the beach in LA, that is what are clients reiterate 90% of the time, after 15 years of serving our clients, we feel the love too ūüôā

11/14/18 Kim D

I absolutely love this place. Creative Chakra resets everything- mind, body, skin…how much time do you have? Coming back with family and friends.

11/15/18Alyson S

This hidden gem by the beach is the epitome of health! I have never experienced anything like the Ayurvedic glow. Every special detail is cultivated with love. I am rejuvenated from head to toe.

¬†9/15/18 Courtney V. –¬†

Lovely facial- . The Extractions were great. The massage was fantastic. Thank you!

10/19/18 Kurt B

It was really nice, the massage had strong hands and knew what she was doing. Thank you.

10/24/18 M. Gregory

The massage was perfect. Not mechanical at all. Adjusted perfectly to meet my individual wishes. Perhaps a little too many activities in the beginning.

8/8/18  Pamela C.

Loved my massage with Katie. She is a gifted massage therapist.

9/29/18  Graham A

Oh my, this was by far the greatest Spa experience I’ve ever had! Sandy you and your staff were awesome : ) Thanks so much!

9/16/18  Inger M

I had such a lovely time here. All the services were amazing and everyone was so lovely. I came because I thought this would be a nice way to kick start a 30 day detox. I am doing a diet and exercise program as a way to re-center myself and it was definitely the right choice. I feel zen and empowered to start and complete a healthy journey ahead. Thank you so much for everything. I will be definitely be back soon!

9/6/18  Mimi F

Our experience at this spa was wonderful. Our host was gracious was accommodating. We had the 2 hour fireside Massage. We were able to get an additional half hour. Our masseuse were great. We will definitely go back.

9/3/18  Fallon M

I loved the chakra balancing /energy healing. I loved the hospitality. We were well taken care of. I loved the experience as a whole. I will be telling a friend about it and bringing them in:)

9/3/18  Lou G

It was very relaxing. Thank you. Even walking in the bathroom was relaxing

8/31/18  Jamie S

Great experience. I would definietely recommend the fireside massage experience from the sauna to the massage and the jacuzzi bath with aromatherapy. It was great!

8/21/18  Kathleen B

Amazing spa and experience all the staff were really friendly. So cool we had what felt like the whole place to ourselves. Thanks again so much for your hospitality and the lovely unexpected meal ūüôā

7/28/18  Pete N

Great space! Loved the massage and the jacuzzi bath! I also liked all the products in the bathroom,. The salad was great! Sandie was really welcoming and bubbly.

7/18/18  Liz A

Julie did a great job working the knots out and my neck and shoulders!

7/8/18  Lyle W

What a lovely experience. I feel absolutely rejuvenated both physically and mentally. Thank you so much.

7/5/18  Sharon B

Wow. The foot massage was unbelievable! I went to another world! Everything was incredible.

6/27/18  Elizabeth M

Wonderful! So relaxing- I almost fell asleep. I was carrying a lot of stress in my neck and back and now that feels completely gone. Absolutely wonderful massage I will definitely be back.

6/19/18  Shari G

Small and peaceful. No crowds of people. My type of place.

6/9/18  Nigel G

The rich smells emanating from your spa was a constant positive sensory experience. A wonderful massage, finished with a tingling salt scrubs and tapped off with infrared spa. Great!

6/8/18  Rigan C

I had such a lovely time here. All the services were amazing and everyone was so lovely. I came because I thought this would be a nice way to kick start a 30 day detox. I am doing a diet and exercise program as a way to re-center myself and it was definitely the right choice. I feel zen and empowered to start and complete a healthy journey ahead. Thank you so much for everything. I will be definitely be back soon!

5/31/18  Carlos C

The rich smells emanating from your spa was a constant positive sensory experience. A wonderful massage, finished with a tingling salt scrubs and tapped off with infrared spa. Great!

5/28/18  Erica W

Oh my, this was by far the greatest Spa experience I’ve ever had! Sandy you and your staff were awesome : ) Thanks so much!

5/17/18  Tom S

Sandie, Erin and Julie treated us like royalty, never rushing us and making us feel at home. Their prices are extremely affordable. If you find yourself in Marina Del Rey or thereabouts, you MUST treat yourself and make an appointment at Creative Chakra Spa!!

5/17/18 Cyndi G 

My massage therapist was amazing, it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had! Thank you, we’ll be back next time we’re in town!

5/4/18 Irina J

Everything was amazing. Massage was great, sauna very nice, a little cold outside, but the jacuzzi fixed that problem.

4/30/18 Nish

Oils were beautifully scented; Great pressure on the massage!

4/22/18 Debbie

So relaxing and the stretches were good too!

4/18/18 Anas 

I felt very relaxed to the point where I even fell asleep for a little!¬†¬†Would definitely come again ‚Äď muscles are loosened.

4/13/18 Brandon B

A nice, much needed stress release.

Creative Chakra Spa Party

4/11/18 Zahra K

Great service and massage.  Felt great and will certainly come again

4/8/18 Garbis B

Fantastic massage, wish it was endless!

4/2/18 Sarah
“I loved the space.¬† The hot sauna was a great way to get warm prior to the service.¬† There was great attention to the areas of tension.¬† Great massage for better alignment by the therapists.”

4/2/18 Liz G

“I really liked how private the venue is.¬† I really enjoyed the massage, especially around my neck, feet and arms.¬† Thank you guys¬†for staying late for us!”

3/30/18 Olivia Wags LA from the award winning TV show, The Doctors

“The crystal bowls were amazing!¬† Very relaxing and soothing to start the experience!¬† The massage was great as well!¬† Overall GREAT experience, thank you!”

3/30/18 Lenny

Loved it.  Really great Jacuzzi (with the oxygen of course)!

3/26/18 Alfred

Loved the relaxing time, very soothing.

3/12/18 Liat

Fantastic massage, great music.

3/10/18 Lilia

Loved the point focused massage, very detail oriented.  A+++

3/10/18 Amy

Very cute place.  Excellent massage!  Thanks!

3/7/18 Paul

Relaxing environment.  Great service.

3/4/18 Eric S
Really good! I enjoyed the scalp massage very much, Thanks! Will come back!
3/2/18 Ali B
I loved the care that my masseuse had for my body and the quality of training was excellent. Definitely coming back.
2/23/18 Mary T
It was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I could have had shoulder work done the entire time and still be in complete heaven-it was like being worked by magic hands! Thank you, I will definitely be back!
2/12/18 Frank
I enjoyed the massage. The staff was very professional and knew what they were doing.
1/24/18 Joann H
Lovely experience. People are kind and attentive. The massage was perfect and the facial left me looking 15yrs younger.

1/17/18 Suzy

A heavenly experience which really nourished my body and soul. I took advantage of the Ayurvedic treatments. Dry brushing followed by massage and then the cleansing and focusing Shirodhara treatment. I was able to fit this in on my last day and am floating out onto the plane feeling relaxed and centered. Thank you!

1/17/18 Stephanie

Lovely space, calming music, wonderful technique, loved the sauna, and the lavender! So relaxing, thank you!

1/16/18 John

Great hideaway in the city! I fell asleep, I was so relaxed! Great birthday!

1/16/18 Emily

Feel very relaxed. Ready to take my husband home.

1/15/18 Joni 

Very relaxing!

1/14/18 Sonya

Great pressure on the massage and the facial felt great!

1/14/18 Holt

Very thorough and great job of focusing on my problem areas

1/11/18 Earl

Sauna was great. Massage was just what we needed!

1/8/18 Mary

Found you online in 2014 and finally made it here. Your website is ‚Äúzen‚ÄĚ-sational!

1/7/18 Andrew

Great atmosphere and infrared sauna is awesome. Great Massage! I feel so relaxed!

1/7/18 Shelby

So relaxing! Fantastic massage!. Skin feels great! Thank you!

1/7/18 Coreen

I loved the atmosphere, the knowledge and Erin. She was amazing. Erin did some reflexology on my feet for sciatic nerve pain and I was immediately relieved! I would like to integrate this as well as massage therapy in my health clinic to help decrease my pain patients reliance on narcotic analgesia! Thank you!

1/7/18 Kylie

Relaxing and also invigorating. Loved it!

1/6/18 Donna

It was great! I even signed up for six more sessions!

1/6/18 Joni

Very relaxing!

1/6/18 Emma

My massage was so relaxing and truly rejuvenated me. The spa is an amazing environment to relax

1/4/18 Matthew

Fantastic. Thank you so much!

12/27/17 Matthew 

Fantastic. Thank you so much!

12/20/17 Amber

Very relaxing and soothing experience

12/17/17 Donna

It was great!

Lindsay 12/13/17

Great service & the massage was very relaxing.  Thank you!

Leesk 12/6/17

Atmosphere was really good and exotic.  You can have a sauna after the massage.

Noelle 11/25/17

My concerns were addressed with care; I’m in a much better condition after Dana’s great work.¬† Thank you.

Lindsay 11/17/17

Great service & the massage was very relaxing.  Thank you!

Joty 11/10/17

I loved how attentive everyone was as soon as I got here.  We received tea upon arrival & I like how when I got a massage he asked me questions on pressure; I feel great.  And there was a shower!  I will be back.

Rani 10/30/17

Fabulous place and treatments feeling amazing after the massage. Thanks a million.

10/29/17 Katina

I loved the scrub and hydrotherapy bath. Very relaxing.

10/25/17 Dameon

Massage was wonderful and enjoyed the bath.

10/23/17 Ellen

It was a very calming and relaxing experience. A great first experience for a massage, sauna, and spa all in one.

10/20/17 Juan

I loved the way they treat their guests. They make you feel welcomed. Really thankful. Thank you!

10/19/17 Shannon

Great massage and amazing energy. Thank you…looking forward to more.

Molly 10/18/17

Loved ambiance and felt so comfortable and welcomed. Great chakra massage.

10/16/17 Cathy

Thank you! Best massage ever. So relaxing and the time flies by.

10/14/17 Chelsea

Best massage I have had; loved the sauna and I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

10/14/17 Sloane

Powerful feminine and human nurture. Very positive and peaceful experience healing at one of its best.

10/13/17 Tashiba

It was very relaxing and Julie applied just the right amount of pressure. The mud wrap was excellent!!

10/13/17 George

First time here and I fell in love with the awesome massage that I received from Pat. She is great. She was able to relieve some tension that other masseuses were not able to fully relieve.

10/10/17  Tom

The pressure was perfect and soo relaxing. The head massage was a first for me and phenomenal. Am leaving so relaxed and refreshed. Superb!

Noelle 10/9/17

Very relaxing, I feel renewed! ūüôā

10/7/17 Josh

This was my first ‚Äúspa‚ÄĚ treatment and I have a feeling all future experiences will not live up to it! Thanks so much!

Raven 10/5/17

Lovely experience.¬† Everyone was friendly, the atmosphere inviting, the best massage I’ve ever had.¬† Thank you!

10/2/17 Ariana

Great massage! Loved the combination of styles and the aromatherapy used. Perfect pressure!

Margaret 10/2/17

Very relaxing massage!

Paula 10/1/17

Loved the massage as well as the professionalism!

Brenda 9/29/17

Facility feels like home.  The therapist was warm, friendly.  Felt like I knew her for years.  My treatment was amazing.

Jennifer 9/27/17

This was the most in-depth massage I have ever received.¬† Pat’s massage techniques really helped to release tense muscle groups.

Ana 9/26/17

A very relaxing experience.  Wonderful staff and amenities.

Mario 9/25/17

The salt scrub was a unique experience and the staff was incredibly helpful.

Rick 9/23/17

First couples experience and it was lovely.  Wonderful experience.  Thank you

Randie 9/23/17

Had a wonderful afternoon.  Salt scrub was amazing.  Would come again if in area.  Thanks

Sora 9/22/17

Proof that heaven is here on Earth.  Erin was absolutely an angel.  Her intuition and pure compassion spoke to me in a language my soul has been hungry for.  She is love, Erin is love.  Erin is light, Erin is beautiful, Erin is magical and cosmic.  Thank you so much!

Trevor 9/20/17

Entire experience felt like urban oasis.¬† Fun to share “couples” experience with my wife.¬† I was very happy with the full spa experience from “station to station.”¬† Having received a gift certificate, I was slightly confused as to what I should expect and everything that was included prior to receiving. Perhaps outline the full itinerary before entering massage room, just so I don’t have to ask too much about how long/what’s next, etc.¬† Very happy with everything!

Adita 9/19/17

Great tissue massage Рcalm and peaceful environment; I feel rejuvenated.  Relaxing music and great customer service.

Olivia 9/18/17

The services were amazing!¬† If feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.¬† Definitely coming back again soon. ūüôā

William 9/18/17

Excellent job! I feel great.  Expectations were met.

Jennifer 9/17/17

Comforting and relaxing.  Just what I needed to decompress!

Steph 9/14/17

Took time for much needed extractions.  Thank you!

Clark and Crystal 9/13/17

Super good experience!  Only thing would be more jacuzzi time, but other than that fantastic.

Thank you so much for getting us in on such short notice. Very relaxing experience.  Hot tub was my favorite; would love longer time in there.

Erica 9/12/17

Great energy!  Wonderful place to reconnect to your own self.

Alyssa 9/10/17

Amazing!  I feel fresh and rejuvenated.  Very relaxing and nourishing.

Angel 8/8/17

Pat was excellent!! The hospitality was even more awesome!!

Laura 8/7/17

We enjoyed the quiet, peaceful setting.  It was very enjoyable!

Matthew 8/4/17

Excellent massage! I feel so much better than before.  Strong pressure and listened to feedback and focused on sore areas.  Thank you!

Paz 8/4/17

Sandie was very warm and hospitable.  My massage was relaxing.  Thank you!  I also enjoyed the sauna.

Marcella 8/3/17

My massage was absolutely amazing! ¬†Pat was phenomenal! ¬†I needed an intense deep tissue massage and that’s exactly what I received. She is extremely talented. ¬†She found all the areas that needed attention and I appreciated all her efforts in giving me a very healing massage.

Ravi 8/3/17

The massage was excellent, exactly what I needed.  I feel relaxed and at peace, a very beautiful, love-filled experience.

Mark 8/2/17

Loved the forearm, toes, and knee massages.

Susan 8/1/17

Loved everything!

Giselle 7/30/17

Best massage ever!

Chris 7/29/17

Come in feeling tired and worn out, left feeling like a million bucks.  Thanks for everything.

Desi 7/27/17

I had a great experience at this spa!  I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Thank you kindly.

Landa 7/25/17

The services were amazingly tailored to my needs.  Very relaxing.

Heather 7/24/17

It was wonderfully amazing.  Thank you Рwe will be back.

Jennifer 7/22/17

The time to relax in the sauna before and after in the jacuzzi really helped make the massage even more effective.  Exactly what we needed.

Chris 7/22/17

Thought the whole treatment (except first bit – ouch) was transcendent. ūüôā

Dionne 7/20/17

Amazing!  Pat is the best ever!

Alyssa 7/5/17

I loved that she talked me through the areas she was working on and how my daily routine effects my body.  Amazing.  The indian head massage was incredible.

Krystal 6/27/17

We loved that your spa was a relaxing oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of L.A.  Truly a rejuvenating experience.  We feel recharged!

Claire Du 6/21/17

Perfect for relaxation (ambiance). Two thumbs up for the massage!!!

Andrew 6/21/17

Thanks Ms Sandie, I’ve tried countless spas and healing centers during my travels but Creative Chakra always reminds me why they are the best.

Andy Christopher 6/21/17

Very nice setting and relaxing. Perfect for what we wanted.

Anna 6/17/17

Therapist very kind and calming. Oils smelled amazing. Heal much more clean.

Pete 6/17/17

Everything was perfect from beginning to end. Very welcoming environment.

Thea 6/17/17

Lovely experience. I was able to unwind and relax. Thanks again.

Krystal 6/17/17

We loved that your spa was a relaxing oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of LA. Truly a rejuvenating experience. We feel recharged!

Larry 6/17/17

Pat is amazing. I love the attention to detail inside and out. I can forget I’m in Venice. I always fell spoiled and leave feeling that I’m always treated better than I deserve. Very lovely. Thank you!

Doreen 6/17/17

It was an amazing facial and massage. Probably one of the bestI’ve ever had.

Tray 6/16/17

Everything was so relaxing. Loved the head, stomach massage.

Sabrina 6/16/17

Wonderful people + wonderful experience. I left totally relaxed and recharged.

Isla 6/16/17

Absolutely wonderful! I came in with a terrible headache and sore neck and back. I feel so much better now and will definitely be back and will recommend to friends.

Krystal 6/14/17

Thank you for a great relaxing experience. Washed out all the kinks!

Jonathan 6/13/17

Infuse! Just what I needed, and while we didn’t plan on sticking around for the sauna, we’re so glad we did it. The whole experience was fantastic.

Marina 6/12/17

Had a really great experience! I felt comfortable and very welcomed. Loved the massage, the fact that we got to use the sauna and the shower as well (great shower).

Teri 6/11/17

Everything was amazing! Very relaxing. So glad we met unexpectedly!

Fish 6/9/17

The stones felt awesome. I’ve never felt anything like that. It was very relaxing.

Sophie 6/9/17

The overall style + interior was very relaxing. The staff was very accommodating and I liked being alone to go at my own pace.

Nancy 6/7/17

I really liked the head massage and stones.

Sofia 6/6/17

The vibe and the people are what made my experience. The service was very personalized, unique and authentic! I treated myself for my birthday here and was treated like a queen! Beyond grateful! Highly recommend coming here, I definitely will be coming back.

Noel 6/4/17

This was the best spa experience I have ever had. Massage therapist were very kind and friendly.The best graduation gift I can give my girlfriend.

Nina 6/4/17

This was the perfect experience for relaxation and massage.The therapists were very kind and accommodating. Thanks.

Kayla 6/2/17

Amazing!  Staff was great, everyone was friendly.

Caity 6/1/17

WOW!!  Fantastic facial, amenities, LOVELY staff! Awesome Experience! Thanks!

Lindsay 5/28/17

Incredible amenities Рbest shower of my life, and a fantastic massage to boot.  I will be back!

Andy 5/28/17

Best massage ever!  Amazing!

Alison 5/25/17

I feel a sense of renewal, clarity and peace every time I come to this lovely healing space. ¬†I haven’t been able to come to Creative Chakra in over a year and a half and my thoughts always come back to it. ¬†The best in all of Los Angeles! ¬†Thank you Sandie!

Amie 5/23/17

Pat has wonderful technique! ¬†I’ve had many massages and I’m impressed by her ability to read my body’s needs and areas that need attention.

Sarait 5/17/17

Everyone was great, I got the relaxation that I came for.  Thank you so much!

Jessica 5/15/17

Great stuff you guys had that sets you apart from other places I’ve been to: location, tea, bathroom amenities, little boxes for my clothes, sauna, little comfy couches, friendly staff, nice decorations, Great massage!

Sabrina 5/7/17

Loved the warm environment, amazing massages and alone time with my husband on the island themed patio in the jacuzzi.

Natalie 5/6/17

Was very peaceful! Would come back again. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The whole treatment would definitely recommend.

Diana 5/5/17

It was wonderfully restorative and relaxing. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Melissa 5/4/17

Lovely. Very relaxing and calming.

Jeanna 5/3/17

I loved the relaxing experience from beginning to end.

Jet 5/2/17

Oils were lovely and we enjoyed the sauna.

Ali 5/1/17

It was a very relaxing experience. My massage therapist was awesome.

Isaac 4/30/17

First time, love the change. Thank you.

Stephanie 4/27/17

Really great experience. I love how you cater to exactly what I need. It’s why I come back. Hard to find a place like this. I’m very relaxed. Thank you!

Amber 4/25/17

The environment, the vibes, the owner, the sauna, the shower, the food. Everything was amazing! Truly amazing! Thank you!

Kevin  4/25/17

EVERYTHING was amazing. The service, the owner. Pat was wonderful and through. The food, the VIBE. I HIGHLY recommend it. Thank you for everything.

Katherine 4/22/17

The massage was so great and relaxing!

John 4/19/17

Pat did an amazing job relieving the stress in my deep tissues. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks and would love to come here again.

Jeffrey 4/17/17

First timer! Very relaxing combo of sauna and massage!

Melissa 4/16/17

Lovely. Very relaxing and calming.

Serena 4/15/17

Very intimate environment. Love the service!

Areg  4/13/17

I really enjoyed the place, definitely will leave a yelp review. One of the best places around!

Tyler  4/9/17

Wonderful! You hit the right spots!

Briana 4/8/17

I felt there was actual physical progress made as opposed to just leisure. Best massage I’ve had in years.

Diana 4/6/17

It was wonderfully restorative and relaxing. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Carol  4/5/17

Just what I needed. Relaxing and balancing and a little kneading out of knots.

Natalin  4/4/17

Great massage, very relaxing, calming and refreshing!

Lisa G  4/3/17

Wonderful experience! Lovely paradise with attention to detail.

Allison 4/2/17

It was a very relaxing experience. My guy was awesome!

Kristina  4/1/17

Will definitely leave a Yelp review! Thank you so much. We loved the privacy and welcoming staff

Neha & Namesh 3/27/17

The massage was great, personalized to my needs

Very friendly and worked problem areas nicely.

Alisha 3/24/17

“Great relaxing massage!¬† Calming atmosphere would recommend to friends and family!”

Olivia 3/22/17

The crystal bowls were amazing!  Very relaxing and soothing to start the experience!  The massage was great as well!  Overall GREAT experience, thank you!

Natalie 3/22/17

Was very peaceful!  Would come back again.  The crystal bowls were my favorite part РI felt really comfortable and relaxed during the whole treatment.  Would definitely recommend it.

Emily 3/20/17

My massage therapist was incredibly attentive to my needs and made sure I was comfortable the whole time.  She incorporated my feelings into the release of tension which was highly effective.  I would be a regular if we lived in California!

Aasiya  3/19/17

Phenomenal!  I will be back and I would like to see Sedona again.  She read me very well and I appreciate her so much!

Gavin 3/18/17

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  I felt completely relaxed during the session, and even more so once it was finished.  Very relaxing & very friendly!

Tiffany 3/15/17

I felt like I was in heaven, this is the kind of experience I hope for when going to a spa, “that you don’t want to leave.” ¬†I felt so comforted, & at peace.¬† Sedona had the touch making me feel super relaxed and enlightened.¬† Everything felt so amazing.¬† I feel healed and healthy.¬† The environment is perfectly beautiful and serene as well.¬† Thank you!!

Sally M  3/14/17

The jacuzzi before the massage!  How quiet and calm the place was.  I can feel the great vibes and energy which was stress free and peaceful!  I truly was able to relax and escape reality for the few hours that I was here.  Thank you so very much!

Michael B. 3/10/17

Lovely atmosphere!

Amanda 3/8/17

Thank you, thank you!  My best friend and I came to you needing to heal mind, body, and spirit.  The staff at this sanctuary of a spa really made sure we felt restored and rejuvenated.  The small touches go such a long way.  We will be back!

Pat 2/14/17

The massage was lovely; particularly the head massage!

Jordan 12/30/16

Such a calming atmosphere, I loved every minute I was here. I was also happily surprised when I got to use the sauna! I will definitely be coming back!

Erin 11/3/2016

My experience was incredible!  I absolutely loved the hot stone massage!

Chris 11/1/2016

While going through a hectic period of life, this experience certainly helped me relax and reflect.  Much needed!

Sheila 11/1/2016

My neck had been so tight from ¬†traveling for the last three weeks, and the massage was amazing! ¬†Was so lovely to have the knots in my neck “ironed” out!

Laura 10/29/2016

I absolutely loved the massage…it was the first time I felt something that deep and specific on my shoulders! Love the ambiance. ¬†Would definitely come back.

Jessica 10/17/2016

The massage and the sauna were great!  I especially loved the massage, the privacy, and the music.  Very cozy and intimate space.  Overall was a lovely and relaxing experience!

Michelle 9/21/2016

The best part of my time at the spa was the massage!  Super relaxing environment, friendly staff, outstanding facilities.  Sandie is really personable and goes out of her way to make it the best experience for you.  I wish I could have spent a lot more time here!

Erin 9/20/2016

The jacuzzi bath and ambiance of the entire facility is excellent! ¬†I also love that the different areas create a spa journey of relaxation. ¬†My least favorite part was that I didn’t get to spend the ENTIRE day here! ¬†I would book again here in a heartbeat. ¬†Definitely a must see for locals and tourists!

Jennifer 9/17/2016

Peaceful location, relaxing environment.  I give it a 10!

Anna 9/14/2016

Had an excellent experience here at Creative Chakra!  Julie is a wonderfully attentive and skilled masseuse.  The staff were so helpful and friendly, and the facilities are amazing; the ambiance is peaceful and relaxing.  I would definitely come back here!

Keri 9/5/2016

Great communication from both my massage therapist and Sandie!  Would definitely recommend and come back!

Sarah 8/16/2016

Personable, kind, and healing!  What an awesome experience!

Patrick Henry 8/4/2016

First and foremost I’ve been to a lot of spas, and I know when a staff is attentive and NOT! Sandie was amazing and the service is exceptional! ¬†This is not your cookie cutter McDonald’s type of thing, it’s personable, reasonable and most of all Sandie is a sweetheart! Go find out for yourself and see what I mean. Ciao!

Cory A 8/3/2016

I couldn’t be more happy with the recommendation that I received to check out this location. They under charged and over delivered for 3 1/2 hours of service. From the moment we walked in we were immediately overwhelmed with a feeling of bliss. Everyone was friendly and extremely polite. It was a great experience. My wife and I being very new to this and not having the chance to get many breaks, we were extremely pleased. Sandie greeted my wife and I and went into a nice history of the facility and what they offer. She was Great! The infrastructure was surreal and comforting. I think going to a place knowing that it’s authentic to the community and built by a single owner goes a long way. We were not looking for a large commercial facility, but somewhere that real people were grounded and connected to your wellbeing. I would recommend Creative Chakra to more people. It brings a unique ambiance that is well deserving for anyone needing a nice mental hiatus on life.

Darenka 7/20/2016

Great facility, relaxing treatment!

Springer H 5/15/2016  

I have been a client for over 9 years, I get consistent quality massages, it is always clean and the staff are always friendly, kind and informative.  True healers and great eco friendly products.  It is steps from the sand and free parking too.  This small business is always improving the facility and I enjoying visiting and seeing all the new additions that is done with passion.

Kristal Fiorentino 5/15/2016  Wonderful! Love the porch and great massages!

Gabriella David 5/10/2016

Creative Chakra Spa has an amazing vibe. My massage was fantastic and very spot on. The ambience was both spiritual and peaceful.

Arlen Whyman 5/05/2016

The overall experience was great. The massage therapists were very attentive to our needs and made the experience relaxing and rejuvenating. I really like the variety of treatments and options.

Jenny Natulen 5/02/2016

Very cozy and relaxing. My massage was fantastic. I had an awesome time!

Marsha Steele 4/30/2016

What a great and relaxing time! It’s definitely a nice and friendly place. I enjoyed every minute of my time there.

Stephanie Carter 4/19/2016

It was so amazing – really felt like exactly what I needed! Very satisfied. The sand is so close! I’m sure it’s inevitable because of the beach, and so charming and interesting. The staff was informative and knowledgeable.

Beth Birkett 4/17/2016

I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The staff was extremely kind. It was an all-around amazing experience and I will be back soon!

Renée Piane 4/16/2016

The experience was very comforting and healing in a beautiful setting – very balancing and calming. I loved my hand-mixed oils! The staff were very helpful. Sandie is an Earth Angel!

Christy Merfa 4/09/2016

It was very relaxing, just what I wanted and needed.

Adela Stobbart 4/02/2016

It was marvelous, relaxing and great! Everyone was courteous and professional. Keep on doing what you do!

Lyssa G 3/23/2016

My honey and I kept saying we felt as though we had left LA and were on vacation! I spent my birthday here at CCS and it was the best choice I have ever made. It was so private, we literally didn’t see anyone else there during our stay. Both of our therapist were professional and talented (I would know I’m an MT myself). And the owner and staff not only helped us, but guided us step by step from parking to leaving. This was the escape I needed for my bday!

Gretchen D 3/19/2016

Great prices for what you get! They treat couples like royalty.

Jenny J  3/07/2016 I had a really excellent massage. location is perfect, chill atmosphere. arrive early for parking (if you are parking on the street which is free at this beach area) prices are wonderful!

Vicki Harris 3/03/2016

The experience was very peaceful, calm and beautiful. Perfect! Everyone was so nice!

Rick Thomas 2/01/2016

Excellent massage and informative, just strong in right places and no pain with the perfect ambience. I will be back

Mel Kleiman 1/11/2016

Sublime, fab massage

Camila Ascencio 2/14/2016

Great, very relaxing, they really listened to what I wanted. Smells great and is very comfortable. Lovely! Relaxing, sweet. I loved the outdoor

Diane Celeste Ray 1/31/2016

Your Spa is a Miracle! You are everything a human body needs to heal, rejuvenate, balance, relax and evolve. Thank you so very much! The private areas to move from one experience to another are unsurpassed. I will return again and again and recommend you always!

Elizabeth Portillo 11/29/2015

I will definitely be back, this is the first time in ages that I have felt unburdened and my spirits are lifted, excellent bodywork with a sense of peace. I suffer from chronic inflammation and auto immune. I felt my rheumatoid stiffness loosen and pain significantly decreased! I felt very welcomed and cared for in a way that felt truly healing even though it was my first visit

Deanna Levine 12/30/2015

Lovely, a nice little hidden gem that allows you to get away without having to travel very far! Fantastic. She seemed to know just the right spots that needed extra attention. Charming, cozy, earthy and relaxing

Claudia Molina 2/07/2014

Amazing. Most relaxing. Beautiful. Its perfect the way it is here at Creative Chakra Spa!

Dawn Sempell 2/28/2016

Very lovely, staff very friendly. Loved the facility very much. It was a most relaxing day for us both. Thanks so very much. We will return again and again

Yesenia Mendoza 9/18/2015

Amazing! I was satisfied over and beyond!

Steven Levine 1/22/2016

Very, very pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable, excellent massage, peaceful & delightful, everyone was friendly and accommodating. Perfect!

Kelly Larsen 2/15/2015

Excellent, great experience

Karen Black 1/04/2016

Great! Love for Sandie. We will definitely be back

Giselda Cortez 1/10/2015

Everything was awesome

Sanir Champioli 10/30/2015

Great! I fell asleep a few times, completely relaxing, nice and welcoming, you guys know what you are doing

Chuan M 11/03/2015

Very relaxing, spacious and relaxing facility

Hortensia Roberts 12/10/2015

Excellent, extraordinary and beautiful, everything was wonderful!

Sandy Montero 10/29/2015

Relaxing, everyone very friendly and courteous

Sophronia Caicedo 12/24/2015

Just great everything…all of it, the massage, facility etc

Kelli Wesley 9/2/2015

Peace , calming,Beds to sleep in after… I don’t want to leave

Kate B 9/2/2015

Amazing tranquil, 10stars, it is perfect.

Katia Daniel 8/29/2015

Very relaxing- the atmosphere was beautiful and the mint tea was a nice touch.The massage was very good. I like that I was asked about my pressure preference and explained what was going to take place during the massage before we began. It was pleasant and calm and relaxing. Everything was very clean.

Emily Mohr 8/29/2015

It felt great, prefect pressure. Very relaxing, Yes! Both masseuses were friendly and attentive. Beautiful ‚Äúmicro-areas‚ÄĚ & different seating. Relaxing areas. Gorgeous patio and Garden.

Dr. Silva Mohad 8/16/15

The space has cozy artisan feel; the oils were high quality an amazing; chakra teas were also very fresh and potent- as an Ayurvedic, I rarely say that! Sandie seemed in her element nurturing. Thank you for a lovely end to my week.

Jennifer Given-Helms 8/16/15

My therapist was amazing, intuitive and skilled- very nurturing. Love the music and the starlights on the ceiling. Lovely ambience,. The garden is beautiful.

Cynthia Gueda8/4/15

This place is a hidden treasure. I will be coming back for sure. The sauna was amazing. My massage wrap and therapist were awesome. I left feeling like a new woman! I would definitely recommend.

Kelli Hays 8/2 /2015

Seriously good, loved relaxing outside afterward in the fresh air. We feel so well taken care of..

Georgia Hays 8/2/2015

Very Ah-mazing. You all were wonderful! Thank You!

Elizabeth Anders 8/1/15

Music lovely and peaceful. Large spacious room, great front porch, and shaded garden.very delightful. Things were as described-owner very dedicated to peaceful experience. beautiful shower- a health filled atmosphere.

Lauren Schiff 7/28/15

Not your typical ‚Äúmassage mill‚ÄĚ! very personal attention. The staff clearly cared about your experience. A little out of the box hideaway.

Sive Buckley 7/16/15

The best massage I have ever had. I really liked the music and how quiet it is. Lovely and relaxing boutique style spa which is lovely and intimate

——————————————————————————————–Barry Fitzsimmons 7/15/15

I feel very relaxed, really good, staff was very professional & truly nice people

————————————————————————————–Kerri Schneider 6/10/15

Beautiful ambience, great staff, massage therapist did a great job of restoring my energy & body.

______________________________________________Emily Davis 6/2/15

Tranquil experience, excellent, relaxing, enjoyed the sauna and patio


Courtney Long 5/30/15

The very nice vibe, great people, perfect massage, definitely will be returning

——————————————————————————–Precious Blakeney 5/30/15

The staff was amazing. This was a very Agape experience and I would come back again. Very relaxing. The pressure was just right with my massage. Everything was perfect.

—————————————————————————————Amber Chapman 5/30/15

The experience was amazing and relaxing. Just the right firmness, very refreshing and relaxing. Belle was very sweet and very nice. A Hidden Gem. Everything was perfect

Hope Morris 5/22/15

Beyond amazing, restorative she knew exactly what hurt and how to heal. Soothing, magical, relaxing, and mystical.  Excellent sauna, magnificent tea products and great hair treatments.

Mercedes Gray 5/20/15
Best Spa experience I’ve had, will glady come again andBATH SALTS tell all my friends about this place.
Tara Plante 5/18/15
Your therapists have magic hands and energy. ¬†I’ve had hundreds of massages and this one is at the very top of my list! ¬†Very peaceful, very zen, thank you.
Kelly Callaghan 5/12/15
I have been coming here for years, excellent & I always feel relaxed & rejuvenated when I leave, the facial is excellent.  Perfect, very relaxing & soothing.
Ondra Smith 5/1/15
Outstanding facility, relaxing day, enjoyed the ambience, please keep doing what you do.
Jennifer A Gaynor 4/29.15
I came here for my birthday & I want to do it again next year!  I felt like I had an out of body experience, the massage & facial was delicious.
Kyrina Bluerose 4/29/15   РI wanted to come here for years & finally got here.  Massage has nice pressure & a variety of techniques.  Everyone was very friendly & the body products were lovely.  The infrared sauna is very smart to relax after a massage session.  I have been to many spas & I like this place for the handcrafted products & the feeling of privacy.
Hannah Wusonfrey 4/26/15
Small, sound environment!  Very friendly and courteous.  Advertise more!
Michelle Micelli 4/25/15
One of the best spa experiences.  Perfect blend of therapeutic and relaxation.  Sandy and Bryan were so amazing.  Beautiful.  Everything was perfect.
Najmah Muhammed 4/24/15 – It wasn’t just relaxing, it was awakening! ¬†Excellent, wonderful, amazing, everything I needed!! ¬†Absolute perfection!!! ¬†Everyone is always very welcoming, and kind. ¬†To ¬†Julian, thank you so very much for your patience, your warm energy, and your kindness.
Bridgette Robinson 4/25/15
Very friendly, I just wanted to stay. Creative Chakra  Spa has customer service, the client experience as well as the spa journey and spa interior design down to a science!

Chakana Mayo  4/20/15

Very intimate, I love the setting and very appropriate for our party.  I love the tea  & amazing Mayumi, she really paid attention to my needs, especially the rejuvenation given to my shoulder and everyone was very attentive.
Lauren Oleckna  NY 4/20/15
Everything was awesome!  Wish I lived here so I could return!  Will recommend to local friends!

Jerilyn Taylor LA 4/18/15
Fantastic!  Love the intimacy of the location!  Flexibility of the staff!  Great.  Wow.  Julian really listened to me: made adjustments.  Very personal, relaxed and accommodating.  Would love to return.  Personal and thoughtful.  Comfy robes!

Lindsey Madison LA  4/18/15
Love the package, it was so relaxing.  This is the best massage ever, very accommodating to me as I was feeling under the weather and also making sure I was comfortable, everything was great.
Corey Mc Daniel Washington 4/8/15
Everyone was very focused on my experience being the best, it was excellent & exactly what I needed. Julian fixed my knee!  I highly recommend it, absolutely awesome & enjoyable.
Frank Spindler Los Angeles 3/14/ 2015
Great getaway from the city with truly tranquil experience! Awesome staff!  Very nice and extremely thoughtful. Massage was very nice

Blissful Massage

Lady MJ 3/15/15

It’s as close to heaven as it can be. Everything has been thought of with great detail which gives you peace of mind. Sandie & the Creative Chakra Spa Team are beautiful beings focused on customer needs ensuring total relaxation.

couples on white beds

Gretchen Decker Los Angeles 3 / 8 / 2015

¬†Cozy, peaceful, good music, I liked outside too!¬†The staff was friendly and courteous.¬† I was greeted with pampering by my masseuse (Just perfect!) who offered me tea and an extra foot rub while I waited for my partner.¬†Amazing fantasyland ‚Äď Private suite is beautiful and soulful.¬† And to shower and enter a private Jacuzzi through an inviting courtyard oasis was dreamy.¬†PS: It‚Äôs not just a massage, it‚Äôs an experience.¬† Especially by the beach! ¬†Great Prices for what you get!¬† They treat couples like royalty.
¬†My Experience was excellent at the end of the day.¬† Sandie makes sure her clients walk away elated with the service.¬† I am grateful!¬†Julian touched the pads of the pressure points slowly and with care.¬† It felt so relieving.¬† Not too much pressure. I didn’t flinch in pain once!

 Rebecca Alvarez Los Angles  3/13/2015

 Ambiance and massage from Julian was Excellent, calm and relaxing. Very friendly and attentive
Nick Stokes 3/10/2015
Just what we wanted, massage from Julian was great & ambience is excellent I feel re-centered
Very Friendly
Ayurveda Scrub
Benjamin Marks Los Angeles 3/28/15

Great beach yoga watching the sunset. What a way to visit LA and wonderful, caring people.  I did a lay-over from the airport as it is only 10-15 mins away from LAX and I had 4 1/2 hours to use wisely.  A great retreat, I spent almost 4 hours, at the tea room, the beach, an excellent massage with a skilled and informative massage therapist and then we finished with the sunset beach yoga.  I took some pictures for facebook of course, lovely, special memories.   I will make this a regular ocurance as my routine is flying in and out of LA for work every 3 weeks.

creativechakra_stone massage-Ti

Robert Jaffe Los Angeles 11/12/2015

In a way this is a follow-up review. ¬† Realizing that I needed help knocking out a stubborn ear/sinus infection I asked Sandie if she could suggest a sacral cranial massage therapist and she set up and appointment with Luna. Next day I came in for a 1.5 hour sacral cranial massage that provided significant relief – not only the pressure in my bead but issues with tension in my neck and shoulder that were affecting my main complaint. To my surprise, the treatment also put me in touch with emotional issues that I’d resisted dealing with and though i felt quite sad, I was grateful for being able to connect with those feelings. Luna also gave me a series of exercises that I’ve begun to do at my place which are helping release tightness and stiffness that I’ve acquired over time. Luna is extremely sensitive to the exact range of appropriate pressure in her work which I greatly appreciate having heard stories of what can happen when a massage therapist lacks that sensitivity. ¬†During the session I also had my first ever hot stone massage and just thinking about it makes me “Ahhhhhh!” ¬†and crave another one. ¬†Luna is a superb therapist and I highly recommend her and look forward to another session. Thank you Sandie for that wonderful suggestion!

beach massageChristopher S.  02/16/2015
I went here for my couples massage this Valentines. ¬†Creative Chakra, being a ‚Äúromantic couples massage spa‚ÄĚ, I had never seen it so busy before but it was fun hanging out with the ocean view while I was waiting by the fire with my honey and some complimentary wine and strawberries. ¬†My massage was so healing and relaxing. This spa is so unique as you have privacy built in to your couples spa packages. Massages are amazing, the d√©cor reminds me of a Hawaiian style spa and ¬†reminiscent of tropical style garden. ¬†Ambience is beautiful. And they really are the most romantic couples massage I‚Äôve found in California. I have tried 3 different couples packages so far, and for valentines I picked the only champagne package, which is called the sunset champagne package. My best spa experience in the world and I have been to manyRelax


Dear Sandie
Thank you so much for your wonderful support of Life Rolls On Foundation for the last 15 years, Jesse loves your massages so thank you for taking care of him.  We could not be more proud to partner with Creative Chakra Spa at our beach events for all those with spinal cord injuries!  You and your team are truly delightful to work with and our surfers could not stop raving about the AMAZING massages they received during They Will Surf Again year after year!
We look forward to working with you again soon, but until then, please know how much we appreciate your friendship.¬† Best wishes for continued success and thank you for supporting our efforts to demonstrate that “life rolls on” after spinal cord injury!
Lots of love,
Kris Nakamura
Executive Director/CEO
Life Rolls On Foundation

Michael M.   Whittier, CA   3/4/2015

The massage was very pleasant and refreshing. The ambiance was clean, warm, and with nice music all around. The facility overall is one of the best around. It’s wonderful that they are expanding without increasing prices! Makes us want to come back again and again! The zen of the facility is very calming and relaxing. One suggestion would be that I would really love a cup of hot tea in addition to cold water while in the Jacuzzi.  I loved it when Ting massaged my arms and finished with finger tips. It helps me relieve my tension. I love that everyone checked up on us. I love the couch with all the pillows, great relaxation area. Five stars! I’ll be back.


Denise B.    Los Angeles   2/27/2014

Wow. My boyfriend surprised me with a couples massage package at the Creative Chakra Spa for our anniversary last night! I was overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation when I saw all that was in store for me. We were warmly created by the owner, Sandie when we arrived and she had hot tea waiting for us as we relaxed for a few moments to fill out our one piece of paperwork. It was simple and easy.  We then were guided into our couple massage treatment room where two tables were set up with heating pads and heating blankets, warm fuzzy bathrobes and nice professional massage sheets. Everything was fresh and CLEAN! There was a beautiful sofabed with a white regal canopy overhead. This was where we could lay our clothes and have our consultations with our individual therapist before the massage. It felt comfortable like a warm home while simultaneously being very proper and professional.

My therapist Michael was fantastic. His strokes were smooth and complete and his pressure was firm and even without going too deep. my boyfriend’s massage therapist was Dana and he was making happy sounds the whole time so I think he was satisfied.

Dana who was helpful in guiding us to our next step after massage to the aromatherapy where we enjoyed water and allowed the steam to surround with aromatic bliss.  It never got too uncomfortably hot in there but just the right temperature and for just the right amount of time, which was up to us to gauge when we felt complete. When we decided to move on from aromatherapy room, we went back to the main room to wrap up our evening package with facials by Sandie. Sandie uses all her own Creative Chakra products and they were quite yummy smelling and mostly natural ingredients.

All in all, It was a very special, romantic experience I would highly recommend to my friends. Check out all the package options on the website


Roger M.    Marina Del Rey     3/8/2013

I’m normally only interested in deep tissue as I have been an Athelete most of my life but the Chakra massage I received at the Creative Chakra Spa set a whole new standard for me! The Chakra Massage was delightful! It was the perfect combination of body work ,hot stones & energy work and they even have their own freshly made chakra oils. Not only was I relaxed at the end but I felt like my whole system was rejuvenated. I had ¬†a deep sense of calmness in my body ; a clarity in my brain. I felt like my whole body was communicating again! I highly recommend this treatment! Its worth every penny and more! ¬†Dana my therapist was excellent and the spa itself was so relaxing! I will be doing this again soon and this definitely part of my regular health routine!


Stephanie B.    New York, NY     8/8/2014

I visited Creative Chakra Spa a few weeks ago while vacationing in Venice. I am a fairly experienced spa customer and I’m not easily impressed, or easily fooled. I can say with confidence that the owner, Sandie, is very invested in creating thoughtfully harmonized treatment experiences for her customers. Her staff members are knowledgable and professional. I would definitely return.


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