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ADD-ON treatments - Indian Head, Thai Herb Soak...these are just a few of the extra 30min treats available




To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.



Bring your teas down to the oceanfront and enjoy the negative ions from the abundant ocean air that are just
so good for your health, combining it with our herbal concoctions.



About Our Therapists

Massage & Health Treatments at Creative Chakra focus on healing. For most of our practitioners massage is not only a profession but a holistic & spiritual practice. This distinction brings a new dimension and purpose to each and every treatment, one rarely found in your typical spa or resort. Our practitioners are fully certified and have been carefully screened and selected for their skills in the art of healing.

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Wraps & Scrubs

All treatments come with either a complimentary tea tree and peppermint foot soak, or a sugar body scrub infused with aromatherapy oils.

Thallosotherapy Detox - 90 min $135 ~ Learn more about the benefits of seaweed - Essential oils, aloe, seaweed, kukui nourishing oil, body mask followed by a 1hr massage.

Ayurvedic Glow ­ 90 min $135 ~ Dosha Analysis, Dry Skin Brushing & hour massage with blended oils for your VATA, PITTA OR KAPHA type.

Aroma Body Wrap ­ 90 min $135 ~ Aromatherapy Analysis; warm oils are infused into your skin, cocooned. Foot Reflexology & Indian Head Massage, followed by 1 hr massage.

Botanical Mud Wrap ­ 90 min $135 ~ Learn more about the extensive benefits of the Dead Sea Mud Ancient Romans called black gold. This treatment reduce water retention, joint pain, and relieves all skin problems.

Sandy Beach ­ 90 min $135
Be deserted on your very own beach. Dry Brush, followed by Hot Kukui Oil, Sea Salt & Coconut Scrub. Shower, followed by a combination of lymphatic & deep tissue massage.


Add On Treatments


Add-On treatments are 30minutes and can be added to any 1 hour treatement. Feel free to get Creative in your combinations! If you're looking for advice please call us.

Sea-Scape Body Salt-Glow Scrub ~ Lemon verbena/rosemary or peppermint sea salt scrub.  For stimulation & exfoliation on a cellular level while drawing toxins away from the body. This is a 30 minute add-on to a one hour treatment.

Indian Head Massage ~ A deep and relaxing head, neck and face massage, manipulating energy channels to clear blocks that cause a build-up of negative energy that can cause ailments such as - stress and and nociception pains and aches, baldness or even hair loss. This is a 30 minute add-on to a one hour treatment.

Cellulite Kur Dead Sea Mud Wrap 30 min ~ Mineral rich Dead Sea Mud is applied to target areas to shrink inches from legs, arms and waist. Ideal for cellulite or weight lose program. It's recommended clients add this treatment onto a lymphatic based massage, but it can be added to any treatment. This is a 30 minute add-on to a hour treatment.

Chakra Balancing 30 min ~ Chakra balancing is an alternative practice. For information on where you may need to focus please refer to our Chakra page. QXCI Quatum Bio-feedback - Energetic balancing, Trauma Therapy, Chakra Alignment, Detox, DNA Activation. This is a 30 minute add-on to a one hour treatment.

Moor Mud Back Facial 30 min ~ For glowing summer skin enjoy this deep cleansing mud-mask for the back, neck and shoulders. This is a 30 minute add-on to any one hour treatment.

Lavender Hydrating Facial 30min ~ The skin is drenched in Aloe Vera & Lavender to moisturize, cleanse and refresh the delicate skin of the face.

Reflexology 30 min or 1hr ~ Restores equilibrium to the body, eases pain, reduces stress, improves circulation and promotes relaxation.

Rosewater & Geranium Shiatsu Facial 30min ~ Hot towels, rosewater and rose and geranium essential oils are used in this pressure relieving face massage. This works to release stress from all the little tiny muscles of the face and head.

Peppermint Mini Pedicure 30 min ~ Aromatherapy and sea salt foot-soak with Peppermint Spa Clay Foot Mask to draw toxins from the soles of the feet. Polished off with a refreshing leg and reflexology massage.

Little Black Dress Treatment (Golden Reef Tan) 30 min ~ You are dry-brushed with almond and coconut to exfoliate the skin, then your body is ready for the Golden Reef Tan application. This will not only give your body a subtle bronze glow, but add a surge of moisture to your skin.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Facial Massage 1hr ~ These facials are customised for each individual's Dosha which result in properly nourished, revitalised and balanced skin. The restorative benefits of herbs and oils from have been known for centuries.To read more on Ayurveda please refer to our Ancient Healing Page