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Detoxification Program

Sampling of our Spa Menu



Creative Chakra Spa Nutrition

Creative Chakra works with many raw food specialists, nutrition experts,
vegetarian cooks as well as a long established client base enjoying Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Medicine is recognized by the World Health Organization, however it
is no substitute for medical advice from your doctor or healthcare provider. It
can be used in unison with any healthcare regime. In January 2003, Ayurvedic
consultations and treatments are considered alternative or complimentary to
healing arts that are licensed by the state of California.

Ayurvedic Dosha Diet

A person's constitution is determined by a Vata, Pitta, Kapha. They govern an
individual's response to changes and they also promote the disease process when
out of balance. Ayurvedic medicine gets to the root of disease, it's the whole
picture of how the person lives his or her life, what we eat, how we digest and
assimilate food, how we breath-fast or slow. Ama is the name for undigested
food that stays in the intestine, ayurveda detoxifies the body. Normally the
body has the ability to efficiently process and eliminate all toxins and
process metabolism. Having a balanced diet is a very important part of the
ayurvedic healing system.