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ADD-ON treatments - Indian Head, Thai Herb Soak...these are just a few of the extra 30min treats available



Bring your teas down to the oceanfront and enjoy the negative ions from the abundant ocean air that are just
so good for your health, combining it with our herbal concoctions.






is the science of using essential oils in a way that promotes an improved sense of well being




Here at Creative Chakra we offer every client privacy. That means when you use any of our facilities, either before a treatement or after a treatment only you will be using them.

If you wish to use the Hydrotherapy privately without an accompanying treatment the price is $25.

Clients have the choice of use the Hydrotheray, Infra-red Sauna & the Steam for $45.


Balneotherapy - Ozone Hydrotherapy Bath has its’ own dedicated room, designated a meditation zone, for either one or two people. A Shower is mandatory before using our baths.

Since ancient times, water has been considered a symbol of purity, the fundamental element of life. The "Ozone Bath" is one of the most effective treatments for re-establishing perfect balance in your body, massage with water and oxygen are both essential elements for healthy living, creating perfect harmony between mind and body by tightening up and toning, to eliminate cellulite, stimulate the nerves, and get rid of unsightly fat deposits.

Take advantage of all the resources technology and nature have for the simplest system of purifying the body, plagued by stress, tensions or worries.Ozone massage is definitely the most effective treatment for invigorating the body: a full immersion in wellbeing, bathing the body with beauty and repose.

Due to the resonant adsorption with lymphatic system stimulation, the body's natural thirst mechanism is often quickly reactivated, giving an individual an opportunity to correctly rehydrate the body with quality water.

The convenient headrest makes your time in the bath more pleasant 15-20 minutes. The foot jets in the bath for massaging the extremities, is just the thing for treating varicose veins, swollen feet, fragile capillaries and cramps.

A great addition to recuperative and rehabilitation therapy for individuals recovering from sports injuries, back injuries, spinal injuries, muscle and tendon problems, the ozone spa is nothing short of miraculous. Muscle tension and stress is released from the body from the very first 20 minute session. Users report an increase in lucidity and mental clarity. Mobility and range of motion are quickly increased with those who experience generalized chronic neck, shoulder and back muscle tension.

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Ozone Oxygen Therapy is a Natural Alternative. Oxygen is the most precious ingredient of life. Ozone (O3) will kill parasites, fungus and other pathogenic microorganisms and boost the Immune System. It has also anti-inflammatory effects and general anti-aging benefits, used to detoxify, kill infectious disease causing bacteria, mycoplasmas and virus organisms. Oxygen therapies have many therapeutic uses with effective and beneficial effects on every part of the body.

Ozone is recognized by most as the most powerful and versatile therapy known in alternative health because it plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being of the body. There are no advantages when using chemicals only but there is greater advantage when you use the water ozonator machine. The bacterial kill rate is 3,125 time faster than chlorine and it is 50 percent stronger oxidizer than chlorine. It is 25 times more efficient than Hypochlorous acid, 2,500 times more effective than Hypochlorite and 5,000 times more effective than Chloramine.

Ozone is used chiefly in applications for water systems, it will attach and destroy, by oxidation, any offending molecule that gets in its path. It rapidly decomposes leaving no traces, and does not produce any toxic compounds.

Makes your swimming pools and spa water smell, feel and taste like rainwater and it is safer for the environment. Being less corrosive in water than chlorine

Unsurpassed in domestic swimming pools and spa for control of common bacteria such as E. coli and Fecal Coliform as well as deactivation of algae, virus and cysts. Chlorine can take hours to penetrate the cell wall of bacteria or virus, while o3 oxidation occurs within seconds. Unlike chlorine, ozonation does not produce any bad by-products and is non-carcinogenic. Chlorine can be blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide yet there is no evidence of any deaths to humans of over exposure to this natural element.

Ozonation reduces levels of harsh chemicals such as chlorine because its the stronger oxidizer and there is no unpleasant chemical taste or obnoxious smell. Ozone dissolved in water will not burn your nose, irritate your skin, ears, dry out your skin or leave chemical films. Chlorine and other chemicals used for water treatment have negative effects on the environment. The ultra violet water ozonator will oxidize many inorganic and organic impurities as well as inactivate bacteria, virus and cysts. It oxidizes iron, manganese, heavy metals, sulfide and nitrite types into insoluble types, which can then be removed by filtration. Good filtration is important in removal of high levels of oxidized minerals. It also functions as an clarifying agent to polish and soften the water.