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Another year has drawn to a close and as always, another batch of celebrities has proven that the rigors of stardom, career and family life can take their toll on the fragile body, mind and soul. While the following examples are by no means complete, it does reflect a breadth and depth of celebrities who could greatly benefit from the wonders of spa treatments ~ Massage,Wraps & Scrubs. For thousands of years, going back to the times of Julius Caesar, spa treatments have rejuvenated celebrities so that they could once again shine in the spotlight and bring their talents to the masses. Today, the timelessness of such treatments have endured and our time honored global spa therapies still exist at Creative Chakra Spa.


Please see below for all of our mobile prices and offers. If you have something special in mind call us!

On-Set Film & Television Mobile Massage Services

(Preferred provider of massage for 9 years to Los Angeles A-List clientele

Creative Chakra Spa as featured on Top Models, E! News, Bravo Matchmaker Millionaire, Lyon in the Kitchen on Discovery channel, Good Morning LA & more.
In House Services


We aim to provide our clients with that intimate, relaxing spa experience in the midst of the busiest of film/tv sets. Our highly trained staff are experienced and discreet. For a range of our services please review the menu below. We provide all the necessary equipment.

Standard Massage Options

16 Person, 4 hour, 15 minute chair massages $375.00
20 Person, 4 hour, 10 minute chair massages $425.00

Luxury Massage Options
$500,00 4hr Chair or table Massages
Your Massage attendant stands-by until services are called upon. Your service is our foremost priority.


Same-day call: Reserved On-Call service for you all-day, accommodating any delays thereby guaranteeing you 4 hours at your service from 6am to 12pm. You call us when you’re ready- either to on-set, home, or for a special Spa-visit. 


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