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How to shop for a spa in Los Angeles

What is a surprising factor is a lot of spas are located in busy commercial streets or tucked away in commercial malls or hotel basements. Say you're deciding what to get your friend for her wedding, a couples package. You go to Spafinder or search Google. There are hundreds and hundreds of places calling themselves "spas." These include places that are primarily nail salons. It can be overwhelming to find the right place to buy a gift certificate for your friends wedding couples massage.

My research in 2011 has found most spas will tell you they do not have the amenities for a co-ed couples massage, if they have a room large enough. Other spas do offer couples massage but only in separate rooms or may try to squeeze you in a tiny room.

A surprising number of spas do not even have a shower. Their "lounging area" can also be the same as the waiting room with phones ringing and people walking in and out. So if I were in your shoes, I would educate myself to read between the lines and between the images on the spa's website and choose either an independent spa in a beautiful location; or, in a nice hotel along the beach. These are the best spas, if a romantic couples massage is what you are looking for.

Another note on hotels, some services like Jacuzzi and steam room are only available to overnight hotel guests, not to outside visitors. In addition, they may only have steam and Jacuzzi but no sauna. Also check for hidden costs as in parking fees and is the spa located next to the fitness area as this often tends to be very noisy.

Expect to pay $130 for each person for a couples massage at a hotel. Also check to see if they can provide food for meals for the two of you, if desired. We can recommend three spas that can fulfill your need for romantic couples package
That would be the Ritz Carlton Hotel / Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, La Petitte Retreat in Larchmont village, near Paramount Studios or Creative Chakra Spa in MDR, 50 yards from the beach.

Let's get back to the true meaning of "spa"

Support your local, holistic, independent spa! The true meaning of "spa" is a place where you can receive custom, holistic attention and get away from it all, a place where ancient traditional healing is honored, practiced and celebrated! We do full hour massages because the digestive & nervous systems only begin to release after 45 minutes of relaxation.

Many imitate us, the first independent holistic spa in the U.S. but they can’t match our chemical-free preparations, pure essential oil mixtures, all made fresh on premise from our spa pantry.

We are the only storefront in the Marina Peninsula and not a hotel, not in a basement. We’re right on the beachfront, the only one we know of up and down the California coast. Bring your swim suits!

Each client or couple has private use of our facilities without the group situation common at most public spas. We don’t separate men’s and women’s services. You can stay with your partner, have the run of our suites with private bathroom & shower. Our spacious rooms are a sanctuary of healing, rest and expansiveness, a place to feel safe and let go of daily stress. Place yourself in the hands of a skilled professional therapist and let go!

Amenities include a Tea room with an ocean view terrace. We serve teas and herbal elixirs to relax before and/or after your treatment. Yoga, facials, massages, acupuncture, classes, indoor/outdoor relaxation areas, outdoor steam room, garden sauna (usually in locker-rooms) cabana or fireside massages.

Our celebrity clientele include Perry Farrell, Penelope Cruz, Green Day, Kevin Kline, Drew Carey, Amber Tamblyn, Sharon Stone, Angela Bassett, Ridley Scott and many more.

We’re open for you daily 10 am – 9 pm. Mondays by appointment only.
Love, Sandie West

Chakra Elxirs now offered at Creative Chakra Spa Tea Room

Now offering a wide array of original Chakra Elixirs created by the owner Sandie West, the aromatherapy product line, at Creative Chakra Spa has been sold since 1998. Think delicious tea infusions with mocktail ingredients and think about coconut shakes with all organic ingredients that has been prepared with each chakra in mind, to strenghthen that certain chakra. ie, the heart chakra, the 3rd eye chakra for intuition, etc. Our Tea Room is not like a coffee shop, it is a place where you come to read or listen to sounds of the ocean, a zen therapy with freshly made to order thirst quenchers. A place where you go to unwind and with a the quietness of a library yet with ambient sounds of the spa and ocean.

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